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Acts of the International Seminar
on "Jesus, the Master"
(Ariccia, October 14-24, 1996)

by Teófilo Pérez ssp




I. Fr. Alberione lived to fulfill a specific mission

1. The place of the apostolate in the life of Fr. Alberione

2. The mission, point of departure and horizon of the "Alberione Project"

3. From the idea to the accomplishment, when the hour of Providence arrived

4. Jesus Master, hinge of Fr. Alberione’s work

5. The heritage of apostolate for the sons and daughters of Fr. Alberione

II. The book "Apostolato Stampa," handbook of directions for formation and apostolate

1. Definition and "justification" of the Press Apostolate

2. The contents of preaching through the media

3. The communicator’s dispositions

4. The sphere of our apostolate

5. Central point of the Pauline apostolate: relationship with Jesus Master



This Seminar offers us the occasion "to go back to the sources" (as believers: heirs of the Scriptures and of Christian tradition and, more specifically, as Pauline men and women followers of Fr. Alberione), regarding a fundamental topic: Jesus, the Master. From this experience should follow some orientations which shall contribute in completing our doctrinal corpus.(1) Everything, however, should not stop only or principally around ideas and orientations: the true result or fruit must be a re-invigoration along the line of lived experience, by force of a deepened "return to our origins."

The title of this paper is "The ‘Master’ in our Apostolate according to Fr. Alberione." Here the term "Master" is taken in the superlative, in its eminent sense: we mean the Divine Master, Jesus Christ. We mean to see, according to the point of view of Fr. Alberione, the profound relationship our apostolate has with the person of Jesus Christ Master. Partly anticipating the conclusions, we could say that our apostolate has its origin in Christ Master, its object or goal and even its manner or method.

When we Paulines speak of the "apostolate" or the "mission," we do not deal with theories or abstractions, but with a "work" (or concrete actions, although integrated within an ideal frame of reference): we shall see the constant occupation that filled the life of Fr. Alberione.(2)

Taking as if for a cue the phrase of the Acts (1:1: "Jesus began to work and to teach") which summarizes the whole magisterium of Jesus, I intend to structure this paper into two parts:

Continued: Fr. Alberione lived to fulfill a specific mission - 1 -


           Jesus Master yesterday, today and for ever

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