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Orientations by Fr. Alberione to the Daughters of St. Paul

Acts of the International Seminar
on "Jesus, the Master"
(Ariccia, October 14-24, 1996)

by Caterina Antonietta Martini fsp



1 I group into four series the sources used: a) Meditations: "Meditazioni alle FSP, 1929-1932"; ER 1935; EM 1941; HM I (Retreats 1939-1950) and II (Exercises 1939-1948); Pr 1-3 (1953-1955); SdC 1962; "La missione catechistica delle FSP nel pensiero del PM" (mimeographed 1982); b) Collections: "Lettere a Maestra Tecla," 1986; CVV 1990; "Vi porto nel cuore," 1989; c) Constitutions: "Appunti per Regolamento" (1916) in "Le FSP. Note per una storia 1915-1984"; Costituzioni 1929, 1932, 1944, 1953, 1984; d) Studies: Il Centro Catechestico Paolino dalla sua fondazione al 1963 [interview with Sr. L. Bianchini], mimeographed prepared by M. Mignolli, Rome 1981; I. Balla, Il tuo volto, Signore, io cerco (Profilo di suor Nazarena Morando), Rome 1995; G. Boffa, Gli studi e la redazione delle FSP. Memorie e documenti, Rome 1990; C. A. Martini, Le FSP. Note per una storia, Rome 1994. (come back to text)

2 Cristo nei suoi misteri, quoted during the S. Exercises of Oct. 1946 (HM 2, V, 193). (come back to text)

3 The memorial of St. Ignatius is celebrated with a certain festivity. In the meditation to the FSP on 31 July 1954, he expressly said: "During a trip in Spain and precisely in the region where St. Ignatius was born, I prayed so that this saint, one who wanted to graft his whole existence in Christ Jesus, may graft our whole congregation in Jesus Master Way, Truth and Life." (come back to text)

4 A. da Silva, Il cammino degli esercizi spirituali nel pensiero di Don G. Alberione, 1981. (come back to text)

5 Fr. Alberione invariably uses "divozione," without giving a special shade of meaning to the term to differentiate it from "devozione." In the Constitutions, one always finds "devozione". (come back to text)

6 Ch. Bernard, La spiritualitą del Cuore di Gesł, Edizioni Paoline, Milano 1989, 9-25. (come back to text)

7 Ibid., 15. (come back to text)

8 Ibid., 21-22. (come back to text)

9 Cf. Meditation, November 1927. (come back to text)

10 In a meditation of 31 May or 1 June 1956, published in SpP 202, the Founder gives global vision of what ought the fastest and most efficacious means are for us. He extends them not only to the apostolate but also to spirituality. I quote the text: "All the proper means, precious and efficacious for holiness are gathered in our Congregation. We always say, ‘the fastest and most efficacious means’, but we ought to understand them not only to reach quickly, to bring the books, the periodicals in different towns, but also in order to reach holiness. You do not have one little devotion or another, but Jesus the Master, and as a textbook, the Gospel, and as food the Eucharist, and as Mother and model, Mary." (come back to text)

11 Cf. UCBS 10 (8, 1922) 11, in PP 327. (come back to text)

12 Cf. UCBS 20 (7, 1923) 16, in PP 336. (come back to text)

13 Cf. UCBS 15 (11, 1924) 20, in PP 374. (come back to text)

14 Meditation, 14 July 1931. (come back to text)

15 Cf. Haec meditare 2, IV, Esercizi spirituali del 1932, Rome 1939. (come back to text)

16 Cf. EC 10 (1936) 2. (come back to text)

17 UCAS 11-12 (1933) 20-21. (come back to text)

18 It is interesting to note how the theme of the beatutitudes recurs in the Pauline art: from the seminary chapel, to the church of St. Paul, to the Crypt of the Regina Apostolorum Sanctuary. (come back to text)

19. EC 1 (1935) 4. The statute, so the periodical Eco describes it: "is of wood, artistically done and naturally colored with a rich border in gold, of total height of 2 meters and 40 centimeters. ‘On one hand, it holds the open Gospel with the words written, Ego sum Via, Veritas et Vita and on the other hand a large cross. A splendid aura surrounds its head, and the eyes, so pensive, appear to be looking to a far distance, beyond the oceans, in order to reach out to souls who still lie there in the darkness of error, thus inviting us to let the light of truth reach them soon’." (come back to text)

20 The meditation is kept on ds sheets (Arch. St. FSP, Rome), cf. CVV 60. (come back to text)

21 SS. Spirituali Esercizi. Istruzioni alle Maestre. October 1936, FSP, Rome 1937, 122-123. (come back to text)

22 Ibid., 137-138. (come back to text)

23 A precious contribution has already been offered by G. Kaitholil with his doctorate thesis on the theme: The Way-Truth-Life method, Fr. Giacomo Alberione’s Apostolic spirituality, Rome 1984. (come back to text)

24 Letter of Fr. Alberione to Fr. Timoteo Giaccardo, 18 August 1929 (arch. della Postulazione). (come back to text)

25 Alberione, Esercizi alle Maestre, October 1941 (Riservato), FSP, Rome 1941. (come back to text)

26 Letter to M. Giovannina Boffa, 26-11-1945. (come back to text)

27 Cf. printed booklet, August 1960. (come back to text)

28 Cf. the thesis for licentiate by A. Fusi, Il Signore nostro Gesł Cristo Divino Maestro VVV, Universitą Pontificia Sant’Anselmo, 1976, 36-37. (come back to text)

29 A retreat with the title, "Gesł Maestro" (June); it includes three meditations which the titles: "Gesł Via," "Gesł Veritą", "Gesł Vita", in Haec meditare 1, IV, a small book which gathers distinct little works. Another title is also found there: "Il Divin Maestro," almost completely taken from the introduction of the book of Fr. Lamera: Gesł Maestro, Via, Veritą e Vita, Alba 1949. (come back to text)

30 Prediche Primo Mestro, dic. 1952 - dic. 1953, Rome 1954, 62-63. (come back to text)

31 The most significant reference concerns the call: "The Lord has gathered you in order that you may more easily become good and do good to others than in the world." (come back to text)

32 "After the spirit of the Divine Master they shall generously seek to advance each day in the same virtue of poverty" (art. 55). (come back to text)

33 A meaningful text, probably by Giaccardo, says: "The great secret of the spiritual life is this: devotion to the Divine Master, Way, Truth and Life. Here we have the spring, the way and the crown of our life. Here there is the trunk and the root of our vitality and expansion. The devotion to the Divine Master means many things and means also few things; it means devotion, consecration, dedication to the Divine Master, Way, Truth and Life, and total, integral self-giving of ourselves in our physical, moral and intellectual energies, and also in the being from where strength originates. And it takes the whole of the Divine Master in his light, in his spirit, in his examples and in his grace. Live in Him, through Him, with Him and by Him. Let us review our devotion to the Divine Master. Let us ask him the grace to understand the devotion to Him and to adhere to it with all our strength" (HM I, 3). (come back to text)

34 Meditation, 11-1-1959. (come back to text)

35 Opuscolo, Nov. 1948, 8. (come back to text)

36 Meditation, 21-12-1957. (come back to text)

37 Cf. HM 2, IV (1932) 5. (come back to text)

38 Cf. ibid., 53. (come back to text)

39 HM 2, III (1943) 102. (come back to text)

40 HM 2, VII (1944) 44. (come back to text)

41 Cf. HM 2, VIII (1948) 131. (come back to text)

42 Cf. HM 2, III (June 1943) 89-90. And it is here that the Founder expressly quotes Blessed Eymard as far as he indicates "what virtues could be learned at the school of this Eucharistic Divine Master." (come back to text)

43 HM 2, V (1946) 204. (come back to text)

44 UCBS 10 (9, 1922) 2-5. (come back to text)

45 Cf. UCBS 11 (1918) 2. (come back to text)

46 HM 2, VIII, 128-129. (come back to text)

47 Cf. Rituale delle feste del Vangelo, in UCAS 2 (1929) 1-4. (come back to text)

48 Cf. UCAS 10 (1932) 10-11. The booklet Cose belle e cose vere is full of episodes, at times extraordinary, which characterize the propaganda and especially the "Gospel Feasts." (come back to text)

49 Cf. VN (2,1946) 4. (come back to text)

50 Cf. C. A. Martini, Le Figlie di San Paolo: Note per una storia, Rome 1994, 296. (come back to text)

51 Cf. RA 12 (1949) 8. (come back to text)

52 CI 1 (1938) 1. (come back to text)

53 La missione catechistica delle FSP nel pensiero del Primo Maestro (Brani scelti), Rome 1982, 3-8. (come back to text)

54 Centro Catechistico Paolino, Interview with Sr. Lucina Bianchini, Rome 1981, 6. (come back to text)

55 Cf. G. Boffa, Annotazioni sulla devozione al Divin Maestro, 1944-1945; C. Benvenuti, Il Maestro Gesł nella vita paolina, s.d. The study of Sr. Dolores Farci, divided into three nuclei, does not have a general title. To these incomplete works have to be added some theses: M. Ampon, Il Magistero di Cristo nel Vangelo di San Giovanni, Regina Mundi, Rome 1965; A. M. Cutrupi, Gesł Mestro nell’arte del primo millenio cristiano, Graduate theses at the umsa, Rome 1966. (come back to text)

56 Q (Quaderno) 1, 27 November 1927. (come back to text)

57 Cf. the meditations of 23, 25, 29 November 1927. (come back to text)

58 Cf. Note spirituali, 15 November 1963, in Atti. Vi porto nel cuore, Rome 1989, 83. (come back to text)


           Jesus Master yesterday, today and for ever

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