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The spirituality of the Pauline communicator

Acts of the International Seminar on "Jesus, the Master"
(Ariccia, October 14-24, 1996)





We include a series of proposals for the animation of Communities in the various Circumscriptions. Such proposals – concerning the criteria, the contents and the means of animation on the Seminar – were suggested by the members of the Seminar itself at the conclusion of the activities. We present them here in a simplified form, as an outline or example, in order to stimulate the creativity of individual Circumscriptions according to the specific needs of places and persons.

General Criteria

1. Inasmuch as Jesus Divine Master is the heart of our life and mission, he shall be the preferred theme of every spiritual and apostolic animation in the Communities of the Society of St. Paul and, and by the measure with which this exercises a role of "altrice" (nourisher), also among the other Pauline institutes, not excluding the lay collaborators.

2. In due respect to the words of the Founder – who said: "The wisdom and love of God has willed to entrust to the Pauline Family a precious mission... of supreme advantage for the Church and the whole of humanity, [that is]: it is better to know, imitate, pray to and preach Jesus Christ, the only Master, in whom everything is united and recapitulated" (UPS III, 243-244) – the animation regarding the heart of our charism shall be appropriately extended to the local Church through our periodicals and other suitable means.

3. Particular circumstances of time and place could stimulate creativity through specific initiatives. Before thinking of new things, however, it is useful to make a good use of the habitual occasions and of existing structures.

4. Obviously, every Circumscription shall see to that effort of conceptual and verbal "translation" of the realities proposed in the respective cultural areas with which inculturation rightly understood consists.


5. Inasmuch as it concerns our "apostolic spirituality," that proposal to us by the Founder has, as essential models of reference, not only Jesus, "the perfect Master" who is "the Way, the Truth and the Life," but also Mary, "Mother, Teacher and Queen of the Apostles" (the female model), as well as St. Paul Apostle, Fr. Alberione and Maestro Giaccardo, its authentic interpreters.

6. In view of this, the meaning of "Pauline devotion," understood as preferential relationship – of reference, of prayer and of communion – with Jesus, Mary and Paul proposed as models, inspirers and life mediators, has to be explained.

7. The topics of animation could be drawn from the Acts of the Seminar taken up wholly or partly, and from the Final Document, according to the needs and the possibilities of the individual Circumscriptions and Communities.

8. The fundamental texts of Fr. Alberione, namely The Prayers of the Pauline Family, Abundantes divitiŠ gratiŠ suŠ, Donec formetur, Apostolato Stampa, Ut perfectus sit homo Dei, Maria Discepola e Maestra, etc., according to their availability or that they be translated in the national languages, shall offer the nodal points of a program of animation that could be developed in successive cycles, in times and in manners that may be established.

Modes and times

9. The modalities of animation shall be established by the persons responsible of individual Circumscriptions according to short, medium and long terms, on occasions considered most suitable: a) during the annual spiritual exercises; b) during retreats through the year; c) in community meetings; d) in classes to the young during the annual courses; e) in programs of on-going formation, etc.

10. The forms of community prayer, laid out according to the "Pauline method," with explanations of the formulas and the appropriate motivations for the life and the apostolate of the Community, have a notable importance.

11. A charismatic tradition that has to be retrieved is the first week of the month, dedicated to the different "devotions" (in the suitably explained and updated sense), and above all the first Sunday of the Month, dedicated to the Divine Master.

12. It is worthwhile also to utilize the itinerary of the Liturgical Year, which is a "school of Christian discipleship" along the lines of the Gospels, the Pauline Letters, and of some books of Fr. Alberione.

13. The valuable and special occasion of the "season of grace" is the whole year of 1997, dedicated by the Church to the meditation on "Jesus Christ, only Savior of the world, yesterday, today and forever" in preparation to the Jubilee of the year 2000. It is a year during which the World Day of Social Communications shall have the motto, "To Communicate Christ Way, Truth and Life." To these appointments, the Pauline Family must be prepared to respond with its own charismatic gift.


14. The principal and the most simple means are the texts of the Founder, which every Circumscription – with the eventual collaboration of other Pauline institutions – shall try to translate in its own language. But based on these, outlines of reflection, of prayer, of celebrations and various aids can be created, and it is convenient to transmit these to other Circumscriptions and Communities as an enriching mutual exchange.

15. Revive, in traditional or updated form (with posters and pictures) the icon of the Divine Master to be placed in the more meaningful areas of community life, of prayer and of apostolic activities. The growing importance of the image in the current culture is shown also in our localities, in honor of Him who is the perfect Image of God and of Man.

16. The creation and exchange of videocassettes on the Alberione vision of the Divine Master, on the related iconography, on the Pauline Family history, and on the Alberione experience have been foreseen.

17. The centers of Paulinity (or spirituality), in the level of Congregation and Circumscription, that already have useful aids are exhorted to spread them out while treasuring also the collaboration of the other institutions of the Pauline Family.


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