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The spirituality of the Pauline communicator

Acts of the International Seminar on "Jesus, the Master"
(Ariccia, October 14-24, 1996)

Document of the General Government
at conclusion of the International Seminar
on "Jesus, the Master"



5.1. "Mi protendo in avanti"

The Seminar on "Jesus, the Master" has been organized in order to find in the legacy of Fr. Alberione a spirituality capable of "vitally forming the Pauline as man of communication".

The complementary studies within all the Institutions of the Pauline Family, the contribution of the speakers and the reflection of the study groups have confirmed that the title adopted and proposed by Fr. Alberione, "Christ Master Way, Truth and Life," is a synthesis that includes personal and community and the apostolic commitment: a missionary spirituality. The Founder recommends an "equilibrium" which is necessary for whoever is willing to be at the same time "disciple" of Christ Master and "apostle" who preaches Christ Way-Truth-Life to the people of today.

The journey of "Christification" is a basic and permanent condition for "being witnesses till the ends of the earth" (cf. Acts 1:8). The "I live no longer I, but Christ lives in me" (Gal 2:20) of the Apostle Paul and of the Pauline apostle must come with "I have become all things to all" (1 Cor 9:22); to the "I continue my pursuit (mi protendo in avanti). [...] since I have been indeed taken possession of by Christ" (Phil 3:7-14); to "become saints in order to sanctify", along the manner of Fr. Alberione. (index)

5.2. Task to putting into practice

The Seminar on "Jesus, the Master" proposed to take up the heritage of the Founder in a journey of "creative fidelity," sought through prayerful reflection on the writings and the works of Fr. Alberione. On one hand "Christ, the Master" was identified as response to the cultural disorientation of an era, and on the other hand, the Christocentric makeup of the foundation activities was more deeply studied, as well as the missionary spirituality as Pauline style of life. From fidelity to the heritage received came the need to putting the same style of life into practice because spirituality and mission constitute a unity to keep alive at all times. (index)

5.3. Task of everyone

To put into practice the missionary spirituality that flows from Christ Master Way-Truth-Life is the task of the whole Pauline Family and of all the Paulines spread through all the continents. Solemn moments for putting it into practice are the General Chapters wherein is reached an official codification of the life and the reflection cultivated by individual members and in communities of every country.

We also need to bear in mind the confirmation of the accomplished lives of Pauline men and women now in glory and who have gone ahead of us "in these paths not yet beaten and partly not even known" (CISP 807). They have known how to interpret with their own lives and, in many instances, also with writing and teachings, the fecundity of the Pauline apostolic spirituality directly learned from the lips and the life of the Founder. Their presence as "approved exegists" and teachers of incarnate Paulinity in all its dimensions should never be forgotten by us.

Then our putting into practice finds valid help in the collaboration of experts in exegesis, patrology, theology, history of the Church, spirituality, liturgy, sacred art, catechesis, pastoral, etc., who more deeply study the meaning of "Christ, the Master" and "Way-Truth-Life" in the past and in the present of our faith.

Due to its missionary character, the putting into practice of the spirituality founded on Christ Master, Way-Truth-Life needs "a profound immersion" in communication as "culture" in order to let us be filled with this human phenomenon so that we may work on an inculturation which takes into consideration the totality of Christ for the totality of the person in the culture of global communication.

In order to let the legacy of Fr. Alberione live to its fullness, we Paulines must work together with all our strength on a project of inculturation in the century of global multimedia communication according to our spirituality. The universality of the Pauline charism is expressed in the years 2000 by continuing to be an advanced "laboratory" of a spirituality fit for an avant-garde charism which is evangelization in communication. The contribution which the Pauline Family intends to give to the new evangelization is a project of inculturation of the faith in the culture of global communication.

For this commitment of fidelity, let us know how to count on the intercession of the venerable Fr. Alberione: "This is how I intend to belong to this marvelous Pauline Family: as a servant both now and in heaven, where I will be concerned with those who use the most effective modern means to do good: in sanctity, in Christ and in the Church" (AD 3). (index)

Rome, 6 January 1997

Solemnity of the Epiphany

Fr. Silvio Pignotti, ssp
Superior General


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