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The spirituality of the Pauline communicator

Acts of the International Seminar on "Jesus, the Master"
(Ariccia, October 14-24, 1996)

Document of the General Government
at conclusion of the International Seminar
on "Jesus, the Master"



The present document, drawn by the General Government, constitutes the official complement of the Seminar. This document summarizes some of the significant elements which were emphasized during the work sessions and the reflections of that fraternal gathering, entirely lived in the atmosphere of the Alberione charism and in the almost perceptible presence of the Divine Master evoked by the mosaics, the icons, by the very name of the House itself.

The document may appear to some as too doctrinal and wanting in concrete indications. Such a character is a desired choice, in order to avoid the danger of impoverishing with detailed indications the contents of the Seminar, which, with an attentive reading, would appear extremely rich and varied, in a way that they respond to all the needs of catechesis, of devotion, of spiritual commitment, of animation and prayer, both individual and communitarian.

Nothing rests other than to recommend to all the brothers a full utilization of everything proposed in these pages, so that abundant fruits for a renewed flowering of our spiritual and apostolic charism may be desired from it.

Fr. S. Pignotti


Outline of the document

0. Introduction

0.1. Seminar after the Divine Master’s insignia
0.2. A legacy to develop

1. Christ Master in the spiritual experience of the young Alberione

1.1. Itinerary of Faith of Fr. Alberione
1.2. To help in the work of salvation

2. Christ Master,
inspiration of the foundation activity of Fr. Alberione

2.1. At the school of the only Master
2.2. Total submission of his life to Christ
2.3. An integral devotion
2.4 Teaching and witnessing
2.5. A Trinitarian, Marian, Pauline spirituality
2.6. Spirituality for the specific mission

3. Christ Master, spirituality of the Pauline communicator

3.1. Devotion and style of life
3.2. Apostles with the modern means
3.3. To receive, gather and give
3.4. To identify one’s life with Christ
3.5. Apostolic prayer
3.6. Christocentric formation
3.7. To be up to the times
3.8. Apostolate is love of neighbor in God
3.9. Getting united and organized in view of the various forms of apostolate
3.10. Jesus Worker: material and spiritual work
3.11. Following, organization and pastoral style

4. Christ Master,
spirituality for the global multimedia communication

4.1. The apostolic challenges of the new millennium
4.2. Assist today’s people
4.3. Creative pastorality, in the spirit of Vatican Council II
4.4. Towards an ever richer synthesis
4.5. The Gospel brought into various cultures
4.6. Constant openness in the field of communication
4.7. Christ Master and Communicator
4.8. Broadened and interactive communication

5. Conclusion

5.1. "Mi protendo in avanti"
5.2. Task to accomplish
5.3. Task of everyone


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