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The spirituality of the Pauline communicator

Acts of the International Seminar on "Jesus, the Master"
(Ariccia, October 14-24, 1996)



As it is known, the Seminar on "Jesus, the Master," was held at the "Casa Divin Maestro" in Ariccia (Rome) from October 14 to 24, 1996, in compliance with the last task entrusted to the General Government by the VI Chapter. For the record, the Seminar was held in serene and intense fraternal collaboration among the animators, speakers and participants from different places and circumscriptions. At the end of the activities, the prevalent feeling in everyone was gratitude to God and satisfaction for the fruits achieved, not last of which was a renewed harmony of spirits among Brothers and Sisters, and a more conscious joy for belonging to the Congregation and to the Pauline Family.

As foreseen and promised, we now publish the Acts, containing all the papers, the communications and the testimonies of the speakers, and also an appendix with the proposals for animation on the contents of the Seminar, drawn from the very indications of the participants. The communities and members can now dispose themselves of a complete text, which will serve for personal meditation and community animation.

The choice of methodology for the transmission of contents in the individual circumscriptions shall be the task of the Superiors and the persons responsible at various levels. Nevertheless, I exhort everyone to utilize fully the wealth of topics and proposals contained in the present dossier, by personally meditating on them and in monthly recollections and retreats, organized to this scope, and laid out after this fundamental theme of our spirituality, the spirit of the whole Pauline life. The Venerable Don Alberione, expressed himself on the matter with a clarity that excludes all ambiguity or uncertainty. Let the following passage be as an example and synthesis:

"We are grateful to God’s Providence which has granted us the immense wealth of better understanding Jesus Christ. We accept what is obligatory, that which constitutes the spirit, the soul of the Institute: that is, to live the devotion to Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life. [...] Now the will of God: to truly acquire the Pauline spirit consists in this, which is the soul of the Congregation. [...] It is not a beautiful expression, not a counsel: it is the substance of the Congregation; it is to be or not to be Paulines" (PrDM 72-73).

At the opening of the year 1997, suggested to the whole Church as the year of "Jesus Christ, the only Redeemer of the world, yesterday, today and forever," I think that it could be and must become for all of us the Year of "Jesus, the only Master, yesterday, today and forever." With the wish that it be for all of us a special time of grace, made propitious by the intercession of the Pauline "saints" and especially of our Founder, who remains always as inspirer and guide.


Rome, 2 February 1997.

Fr. Silvio Pignotti, ssp
Superior General


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