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in the spirituality according to Fr. Alberione

Acts of the International Seminar
on "Jesus, the Master"
(Ariccia, October 14-24, 1996)

by Guido Gandolfo ssp



0. Some premises

0.1. Spirituality, that is, life according to the Spirit of Christ

0.2. The spiritual experience of Fr. Alberione

0.3. The normative teaching of the Founder

0.4. The privileged reference of this study:
        the "Donec formetur Christus in vobis."

1. First objective: the conformation to the Divine Master

2. The indispensable commitment to assume the form of the Master
      The consequent
obligation for every Pauline

3. A specific environment: The Pauline mission

4. The two excellent models to inspire us:
      Mary, Queen of Apostles and St. Paul

5. The itinerary of conformation to the Master.
      Fundamental stages and practical modalities

5.1. 1st Stage: The re-creating action of God
       (theology of the Father; purgative way)

5.2. 2nd Stage: The "incarnation" of the Master in us
       (theology of the Son; illuminative way)

5.2.1. So that Christ may be incarnated in us

5.2.2. From Jesus Truth, the gift-commitment of studiousness

5.2.3. From Jesus Way, the gift-commitment of imitation

5.2.4. From Jesus Life, the gift-commitment of putting on grace.

5.3. 3rd Stage: "In sanctification"
        (theology of the Holy Spirit; unitive way)

6. The Pauline and his Master-Lord (cf. Phil 3:8):
      everything "in ipso et cum ipso et per ipsum"

6.1. Two moments of particular importance

6.2. Union of two principal trends of Alberionian thought

6.3. Jesus, the Master, center of all pauline life

6.4. "The Eucharistic Divine Master

6.5. Synthesis of the proposal contained in Donec formetur

6.6. Some precise practical modalities

6.7. Some question-proposals for us


       Jesus Master yesterday, today and for ever   A historical-charismatic survey

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