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Acts of the International Seminar
on "Jesus, the Master"
(Ariccia, October 14-24, 1996)

by Luigi Giovannini ssp


1. The dossier was quite broad, 127 pp. With rather small types, also because the texts referred to were also quoted with a certain broadness. We give up reproducing it here but we wish to assure that it is available to those who may ask for it from our Archivio Storico Generale. On this matter, we are happy to inform that also a small "stock" was formed, a mini-library made up of the collection of original or photocopies of the greater part of the texts referred to. After the Seminar, the research has been pursued and the material has further increased. (come back to text)

2. Outline of the dossier presented at the Seminar on Jesus Master:

I. Introduction - Synthesis: Some pointers on the title and... on the author. —Structure and contents of the dossier. —Criteria for gathering and editorial elaboration of the individual parts of the dossier. —Limits and wishes. —"Posto t’ho innanzi, omai per te ti ciba..." ("I lay everything before you, now its for you to eat...").

II. Dossier:

3. Also this list has been notably expanded in the documentation after the Seminar. (come back to text)

4. Cf Rosino Gibellini, La teologia del XX secolo, Queriniana, Brescia 1992, 362. (come back to text)

5. In the TV program "Frontiere dello Spirito" of 24/12/1995 on Channel 5. (come back to text)

6. I thought of concluding this dossier with two bibliographical lists on our topic and especially I wanted to offer an essential bibliography on Jesus Christ (along general alphabetical order). I gave it up although I take note that I have in electronic archives a whole file with more than 500 titles (in alphabetical order by author) and furthermore I have checked that in the "virtual library" of the Daughters of St. Paul at least 586 books regarding Jesus Christ could be acquired. (come back to text)

7. Our sources of information in fact are certainly not exhaustive and meanwhile here and even more in the other sections, it shall be useful and interesting to solicit the collaboration of those who may have the possibility of integrating the information we are giving. (come back to text)

8. Cf. Ugo Vanni, "San Paolo e la Parola di Dio," in "Spezzate il pane della Parola," Dossier per l’Anno Biblico Paolino, 1991-1992, Casa Generalizia SSP, Rome 1991, 73. (come back to text)


           Jesus Master yesterday, today and for ever

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