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A historical-charismatic survey

Acts of the International Seminar
on "Jesus, the Master"
(Ariccia, October 14-24, 1996)

by Eliseo Sgarbossa ssp




I. The state of the starting point: the "great disturbance"

1. The "worst doctrines" and the bad masters

2. The drama of the "new teachers"

3. The "turbulent years"

4. The "light from the Host"

Prospect: Personalities and interpreters of the modernist movement

Pro-modernist organizations and periodicals

II. The "Master" begins to reveal himself

1. The "good Master"

2. The Priest-master

3. The "big fire lighted by Jesus Christ"

4. The magisterium of the priest and of woman

5. "Our only true Master"

6. Giaccardo: the "Signor Maestro"

7. Fr. Alberione: the "Primo Maestro"

III. The "perfect Master, that is, the Way, the Truth and the Life"

1. The "light of truth"

2. The "School" and the "Disciples of the Divine Master"

3. "Jesus Master said: ...From here I want to enlighten"

4. The "devotion" to Jesus Master

5. The Master who "thirsts for souls"

6. The "Month of the Divine Master"

7. Gospel Feasts and Congresses, Liturgical celebration of Jesus Master

8. The "Promises to Jesus Master": a profession of faith

9. St. Paul and the "thesis" of his Church

10. The Divine Master in Rome

IV. Towards an organic synthesis on Jesus Master

1. The synthesis of Canon Chiesa

2. The pedagogical synthesis of Fr. Alberione: the "School of Nazareth"

3. The "theological mentality": intellectual formation

4. The apostolic formation: "Be light of the world"

5. The testament of Alba: the "First Sunday of the Month"

6. The "maternal way": "Through Mary Teacher to Jesus Master"

Conclusive observations

Appendix: Chronological history of the deepening on the doctrine
of the Divine Master after 1936

       Jesus Master yesterday, today and for ever
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