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Acts of the International Seminar
on "Jesus, the Master"
(Ariccia, October 14-24, 1996)

by Elena Bosetti sgbp



Premise: A questioning diversity

1. The reference to the Good Shepherd

1.1. Sisters who live "of" Jesus Good Shepherd

1.2. "You should be shepherdesses"

1.3. The pastorality of the Divine Master

2. The Good Shepherd Way Truth and Life

2.1. Since the beginning

2.2. Complementary definitions

3. The Eucharistic Good Shepherd

4. Side by side with the Pastors of the Church

4.1. Feminine pastoral ministry

4.2. Beyond the ecclesial confines


Enclosure: Homily to Catholic Teachers



The congregation of the Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd is characterized within the Pauline Family by the color of its pastoral spirituality. Christ is honored under the title Good Shepherd; Mary is addressed as the Mother of the Good Shepherd, and reference to the apostle Paul is paired with the devotion to the apostle Peter. Fr. Alberione had not made changes as comprehensive as these with any other institute: aside from the specific apostolate, the devotion to Jesus Master is valid for all. The only exception was the Pastorelle Sisters. We therefore ask: What does this "diversity," willed and justified by the Founder, has to contribute to our understanding of the Pauline spirituality? What sensibility and what values lie in the Christology of Fr. Alberione in the pastoral context?

I would like to articulate my sharing around four principal points: the emergence of the reference to the Good Shepherd and its meaning; the connection, typically Alberione’s, of the double self-designation of the Johannine Christ, or "the Good Shepherd, Way, Truth and Life"; the Eucharistic Pastor and the common origin from the Tabernacle; finally, the Pastor present among the "Pastors of the Church," an aspect which calls for the devotion to Peter, and at the same time the universal dimension inasmuch as Christ is Pastor of all, also of the sheep which do not belong "to that fold," an aspect with courageously opens to the mission in the perspective of the Apostle Paul. (return to summary)

Continued: The reference to the Good Shepherd


           Jesus Master yesterday, today and for ever

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