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Report on the Family.


The Family as an Inter-Generational Network
EDITOR: Pierpaolo Donati
CONTRIBUTORS: L. Ancona, M. de Bernart, G. Calvi, C. Collicelli, P. Di Nicola, P. Donati, A. Golini, C. Lundari, E. Marta, A. C. Moro, V. Padiglione, C. Pontalti, E. Scabini, A. Silvestrini
PUBLISHER: Edizioni San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo (MI)
YEAR: 1995
COST: Lit. 40.000, Euro 20,66

The Fourth Report analyzes what is happening in the Italian family in regard to the "intergenerational network", or rather the relational system that connects one generation to the other, in conflict and in solidarity – generating other families. The family produces the generations and, in the same time, the
generations change the family.
Nowadays many believe that there have been enormous imbalanCopertina del "Quarto rapporto Cisf sulla famiglia in Italia".ces between the generations, and that the family has become the crossroad for new generational conflicts, often latent and only sometimes discussed in the daily newspapers.
However, there are times when you read about parents who discover new reasons for solidarity toward their children and children who feel new obligations toward their parents in all stages of life. It is a fact that the family has become the stage for problems, choices, and decisions that didn’t exist
within it even a few years back.
This Report intends to explain how and why these changes in the family have taken place from the intergenerational point of view. How does the network of generational relationships function (and not function), and how do changes between the generations affect the family itself and the future of our society.
This is an indispensable tool for scholars, researchers, policy makers concerned with family and social issues, social and pastoral workers.



The Family as an Inter-Generational Network
Pierpaolo Donati

The Generational "Malaise" of the Family: Where is the Link between Generations Going?
Pierpaolo Donati

Changes in the Family and Generational Relationships: A Demograhic Interpretation
Antonio Golini and Angela Silvestrini

Descriptions and Behaviors of the Family: Three Generational Levels and Comparisons
Gabriele Calvi and Christina Lundari

Between Generations. Models of Symbolic Connections
Vincenzo Padiglione and Corrado Pontalti

Families with Adolescents: A Critical Inter-Generational Crossroad
Eugenia Scabini and Elena Marta

Generations of Parents and Generations of Children: Incommunicable Worlds?
Paola Di Nicola and Maura De Bernart

Disgenerational Variants Today: Between Symbolic and Pre-Symbolic
Leonardo Ancona

Families and Juvenile Delinquence
Carla Collicelli

Rights and Intergenerational Relationships
Alfredo Carlo Moro

How to Confront the "Difficult Entanglement" between the Generations without Renewing the Alliance between Family and Society?
Pierpaolo Donati

Statistics collected by Centro Documentazione of CISF are included

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