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Report on the Family.


Toward a New Citizenship of the Family
EDITOR: Pierpaolo Donati
CONTRIBUTORS: G. C. Blangiardo, M. Cagossi, G. Calvi, F. Casetti, A. Cavagna, C. Collicelli, M.P. Comand, L. Corradini, P. Donati, G. Garancini, G. Malerba, C. Pontalti, G. Rossi
PUBLISHER: Edizioni San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo (MI)
YEAR: 1993
COST: Lit. 34.000, Euro 17,56

Copertina del "Terzo rapporto sulla famiglia in Italia".What is the role of today’s family in regard to its mediation between the individual and society? The Third Report on the Family in Italy argues that the family allows the individual to engage in a relationship with society through a filter (cultural, psychological, relational, etc.) that helps the individual utilize the various options offered by society.
This volume analyzes the dynamic of mediation in the various spheres of society (psychological, social, educational, economic, and legal) with particular attention paid to mass media and to the capacity of the family to take care of its weakest members (e.g. those with disabilities).
In brief, the Report underlines that a strong request has been emerging demanding social policies which recognize the family as a specific "social subject" as well as a new citizenship of the family.



The New Citizenship of the Family
Pierpaolo Donati

New Family Mediations: Building New Rights of Citizenship through "Invisible Relationships"
Pierpaolo Donati

The Role and the Perspectives of the Family in the Opinions of Italians
Gabriele Calvi

Family and Culture of Affection
Corrado Pontalti

Family, Mass Media & Television
Francesco Casetti and Mariapia Comand

The Link between Family, School, and the Family Associations in Education
Luciano Corradini

Exploration of Contradictions of Reproductive Behavior: from Refusal of Children to Children "at any cost"
Gian Carlo Blangiardo e Giovanna Rossi

Family and Therapeutic Communities
Mario Cagossi

The Family as Subject of Mediation in Immigration Processes
Carla Collicelli

The Family as Mediator of Individual Economic Behavior
Giuseppina Malerba

The Family in the Legal Experience between Mediation and Subjectivity
Gianfranco Garancini

The Family as an Inter-Generational Network

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