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Scientific Committee.   


A Scientific Commission composed of experts in various disciplines who assist CISF in planning
annual works and in preparing for conferences, seminars, meetings, and publications.


   Virgilio Melchiorre

Professor of Moral Philosophy at the Catholic University, Milan.


Giovanni Ancarani

President of the Auxological Institute, Milan.

 Francesco Casetti

 Vice-Director of the School of Specialization in Social Communication at the Catholic University, Milan. Professor of Filmology.

 Carla Collicelli

Vice-Director of CENSIS, the Center of Social Investment Studies. Rome.

 Pierpaolo Donati

Professor of Sociology at the University of Bologna. 

 Francesco D'Agostino


 Giannino Piana

Professor of Moral Theology at the Seminary of Novara.

 Corrado Pontalti

Professor of Psychotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the Catholic University, Rome.

 Eugenia Scabini

Professor of Social Psychology of the Family and Director of the Center of Study and Research on the Family at the Catholic University, Milan.

 Mario Spezzibottiani

Adiutor Moderatoris Curiae (Assistant Director). Former head of the Pastoral Office of the Family, Diocese of Milan.

 Gianfranco Garancini


  Luisa Ribolzi


  Enrico Solmi



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documentation center



 The Documentation Center of CISF has a wide collection of bibliographic material from various disciplines related to the family. The Documentation Center focuses with special attention on five principle areas:
Family Pastoral Care
Development and Dynamics of the Couple
Childhood and Adolescence
Elderly and Ageing