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CISF’s international bibliography on the family is one of the most complete existing in Italy.

CISF archival information is now available on cd-rom, offering scholars, researchers, and social and pastoral workers the possibility of profiting from all the information contained in the bibliographic data base, easily and quickly.
This method provides a means to carry out focused research by simply typing the year, the author, the book’s title, the editor, or a specific subject using a controlled set of keywords.
In practice, everyone will be able to access the newest information contained in this bibliographic catalogue on the family.
Moreover, the updates that CISF publishes twice a year on diskette will allow the subscribers to integrate their archive with more than 2,000 titles a year, counting on an authoritative and trustworthy source of information. The subscription of this new service a year which includes:

  • Immediately, cd-rom containing the program that permits the access of data, the first bibliographic updates, relative to all of 1997, the directory of headings and of keywords utilized by CISF’s Documentation Center
  • the successive updatings, two every year.

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documentation center



 The Documentation Center of CISF has a wide collection of bibliographic material from various disciplines related to the family. The Documentation Center focuses with special attention on five principle areas:
Family Pastoral Care
Development and Dynamics of the Couple
Childhood and Adolescence
Elderly and Ageing